Joseph Thompson is a self shooting film director and photographer from London. Working across all areas within a project; director, DOP, producer and editor. Most recently he has been creating short documentaries for Reuters, CNN, The United Nations, BBC and the Telegraph. With a main theme of sustainability and the environment, the projects he works on are current world issues, focusing on what certain organisations are doing to rectify the problems around the world. Joseph has vast experience shooting abroad in a variety of different countries, as sustainability isn’t just a local issue. His clients range from Toyota, American Express, Huawei and more...

Joseph is also a licensed drone operator with a DJI Inspire 2.

As well as film making, Joseph is also an award winning travel and landscape photographer. In 2017 he was made Compare The Market’s Travel Advisor and was sent around the world for 7 months to document the places he visited using film & photography. Check out the 'Travel Advisor' page for some travel tips on the countries he visited, as well as day to day itineraries.

Please feel free to contact Joe using the Contact page or any of his social media platforms.

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