China will take you by surprise in so many ways! It’s such an enormous country full of diverse culture, which is why it’s an amazing and interesting country to visit. I started in Hong Kong and made my way up through the middle and Western areas, ending in Beijing. You’ll need a Chinese Visa, which I advise sorting before you fly out at your closest Chinese Visa Centre, or you can arrange your Visa in Hong Kong; only taking 4 days and costing around £65 for 30 days. Here’s some advise for your trip to China:

There are some important apps that you should download before your trip to China. A good VPN is needed as China blocks all Google services, Facebook, Instagram and much much more. I used ‘Express VPN’. You’ll need a good translator app that lets you download languages offline, English isn’t a widely used language in China.

‘WeChat’, this is the app that all Chinese use to communicate.

‘CityMap2Go’, this lets you download maps offline, so you know where you’re going.

Getting around the country is pretty easy and great value for money, thanks to it’s train network. Use a website/app called C-Trip to book all of your trains. Booking 2nd class on your long/overnight journeys and seating class on your shorter trips.

Accommodation in China is also cheap and the hostel quality is very nice. If you make sure the reviews are good and it has a strong rating then you can’t go wrong. I went for anything above 7.0 on 

Food in China is extremely cheap and the portion size is very big; bargin!. You’ll learn what foods you like and don’t like along the way. Western food in China is more expensive so just stick to the local stuff, it’s delicious!

My favourite places in China:

Hong Kong - this city is amazing and there is so much to do in and out of the city. Visit some of the local beaches and islands for a tropical adventure. You can surf in Big Wave Bay and have some well needed dinner at the cafe. Stay at Hop Inn On Mody in HK.

Yangshuo - stay in Wada Hostel, they’ll help you explore this amazing place. Go rock climbing with Black Rock Climbing.

Zhangjiajie - this is Avatar Mountains, where they filmed a lot of the Avatar film. An incredible landscape worth 3 days of exploring.

XI’AN - stay at See Tang Hostel, it has an amazing roof terrace. Visit the Muslim Food Market for some tasty food!

Hohhot - I spent 4 hours playing table tennis with the locals in Manduhai Park, it’s great fun! It's also a great place to go and visit the Inner Mongolia grasslands from.


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