Everest Base Camp Trek

So you’re thinking of trekking to Everest Base Camp? It’s an incredible experience that I would recommend to all! Despite what some people might say, you don’t need a lot of experience in trekking, navigation, expeditions etc… All you need is a decent level of fitness to take on the trails. You'll need to purchase 3 different tickets that allow you onto the different sections of the trail. These can be purchased online, in Kathmandu or on the trail. It's better to purchase them before as it's cheaper.

You’ll fly from Kathmandu to Lukla, at the start of the trail, to begin your trek. Leave a few days of leeway in case of cancellations because of weather. Flights cost around £120 each way. Book as early flight as possible as well to try and catch the good weather. Helicopters can alway be booked if needed for around £375 pp and the views are incredible. The best time to trek to Everest BC is Sept-Oct.

Guides aren’t necessary, unless you want to take out the hassle of asking for directions every so often. The route is well laid out for most of the trek and there are enough locals and trekkers around to help you out. Porters can be hired for around £7-15 a day depending on how much they carry and how good your haggling is.

Accommodation from the start of the trek can be found from £1-2. Towards the end of the trek they’ll go to up to £4. Past Namche you won’t find much wifi and power, unless you pay for it. So bring power banks and say goodbye to your Facebook. The rooms are very basic and can get a bit cold, bring a sleeping bag if possible to keep you warm. Showers will cost you around £3 a pop, so maybe bring some wet wipes.

Food costs more than accommodation, as it has to be carried by porters to all of the towns. A main meal will cost around £5, give or take a few quid, depending on what you order. Most meals are homemade, so you’ll eat well!!! As you'll be using a lot of energy each day you'll need a good amount of food. So this will probably cost you around £15 a day, at the higher towns and as low as £7 at the bottom.

Here are a few of my favourite places along the trek:

  • Visit Namche Bakery for some incredible cakes and pastries…. and pizza! Also Liquid Bar plays films at 3pm & 7:30pm.
  • Gokyo Lake has some incredible views, if you have time!
  • Visit Tengbouche Monastery at 3pm to view one of their daily ceremonies. Also stay at Tengbouche Guesthouse and experience their rustic family ran restaurant.

My Everest Base Camp Itinerary

Day 1

Fly to Lulka

Arrive in Lulka from 7-9am for breakfast

Walk around 12-13km, 5 hours, to Monjo (2850m) or shorter stay in Phakding

Today is mostly downhill

Day 2

Hike to Namche Bazar (3440m)

Walk towards the entrance of Sagarmatha National Park. The first 2 hours will be fairly easy with plenty of suspension bridges

Now you have Namche Hill which some people can find challenging

8km/5 Hours of walking at an easy pace

Stay in Namche Bazar (2 nights)

Day 3

Today is an acclimatisation trek to help your body acclimatise to the altitude

Trek behind Namche Bazar uphill towards Shangbouche helipad 

Cross the runway and head around 100m to Shangbouche Hill (3900m) and stay here for 45 mins

Head back to Namche Bazar and spend another night

Day 4

Today you will trek to Tengbouche (3900m)

The first 2 hours are relaxed walking with a downhill section

Stop by the river for lunch

The last few hours are a long uphill section just before Tengbouche. This can be tiring

12km 5-6 hours

Day 5

Trek to Dingbouche (4400m)

Stop in Pangbouche for lunch along the way (2-3 hours to here)

Trek towards Imja Valley looking towards Island Peak before arriving in Dingbouche

12km 5-6h

Spend 2 nights in Dingbouche

Day 6

Today is another acclimatisation day where you will trek to the top of the peak just outside Dingbouche

This will elevate you 500m and can take around 3-4hours

Spend 45 minutes at the top before returning to Dingbouche for another night

Day 7

Trek to Lobuche:

Head through the valley towards Dugla, where you will have lunch

After lunch and when rested, head up hill over Thukla Pass towards the Everest Memorial at the top

Then make the final trek to Labouche and spend the night

12km 5 hours

Day 8

Trek to Gorak Shep

Have lunch in Gorak Shep. After head 3hrs up to Everest Base Camp

Enjoy your time at Base Camp

Head 2hrs back to Gorak Shep

Spend the night here

Day 9

Today you can decide not the do the first trek up to the summit of Kala Phattar (5643m). This can be a hard trek but the views are well worth it at the top!

Wake up 4 hours before sunrise and hike to the summit of Kala Phattar (3hrs). Sunrise at 06:30am. Wake up at 2:45am to leave at 3-3:15

Head back down and have breakfast

Trek down to Dingbouche where I will stay again

18km 6-7hrs

Day 10

Trek back down to Namche Bazaar (8-9hrs 22km)

Play pool at Cafe Danfe and enjoy the Namche Bakery

Day 11

Trek to Lulka

Head back to Namche Hill and head down

Walk back to Phakding for lunch before the final assent to Lukla

21km 7-8 hours

Day 12

All you have to do today is make your flight!

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