Norway never failed to take my breath away! The sheer volume of amazing landscapes that this country has to offer makes a trip here well worth it. I travelled through the western Fjords, flying into Bergen and out of Ålesund. Flights, if booked in advance, can be found at a reasonable price; being so close to the UK. However when here, expect to pay top dollar for things like food, accommodation and well… everything! Here are some useful tips for your stay in Norway.

Hostels are still pretty expensive here and will set you back anything from £35-50 per night, depending on location. If you fancy it and the weather is nice, try to bring camping equipment and pitch up a tent in a campsite. With the amazing scenery here, camping would be an incredible experience. If you don't want to camp, most of the campsites offer wooden lodges. They cost around £30-50 per night, whilst camping is around £15. Also check Air BnB out, there are some reasonably priced houses around, especially if you are in a small group.

The best way to get around Norway is via it’s public transport. There are plenty of buses, trains and ferries to take you around the western fjords. Plan in advanced though as there are only a few buses each day or a week in some areas. Renting a car might be a good option if you are in a group. Driving here would be amazing and will give you so much more freedom, as the bus times can be inconvenient.

Eating out in Norway can be very expensive. If you want to save money on eating out, research cheaper restaurants and you should be able to find a decent meal at a good price. Best bet though is to shop in the supermarket and cook your own food. Many of the lakes in the fjords are home to many fish, hire or buy a cheap rod and see if you can catch your dinner for the night!

Check out my simple 2 week itinerary for the Western Fjords

Day 1

Arrive in Bergen morning/midday, get a bus or taxi into town to your accommodation.

I stayed in the Market Guesthouse, which is a nice modern hostel with large, naturally lit rooms.

Take a walk around the harbour and on the north side explore the wooden alleyways with many local boutique shops.

Spend the evening in Bar Barista, an amazing cafe serving food and booze. Great atmosphere on a Friday or Saturday night.

Day 2

Another day in Bergen

Get the Fløibanen Cable Car to the viewpoint on Fløyen mountain. Take a walk through the woods that leads towards the road, winding down to the bottom. This is a great place for sunset as well.

Take a walk around the south of Bergen, where there are many shops and interesting architecture.

Day 3

Today you will travel to Odda, which is the town that you will stay in before trekking to Trolltunga.

You'll only have 1 night here as tomorrow you will stay in Lofthus.

Get the 09:59 train from Bergen to Voss

Get the 12:50 990 bus from Voss Station to Odda

There are plenty of hotels, hostels and campsites here to stay in. Pick somewhere you can leave your luggage behind for your trek tomorrow.

I stayed in a lodge at Hildal Campsite, which is a bit excluded from the town but a cheaper option

Day 4

Today you will trek to Trolltunga, one of Norway's famous landscapes!

My advice is pack light, as it's a long day and you don't want your legs to give in

I got the 07:20am shuttle bus to the start of the trek, I think there are some others at different times.

Here is everything you need to know on the trek

After the trek get the shuttle bus back to Odda to collect your bags. Then get the 990 bus to Lofthus.

I stayed in a wooden lodge at Lofthus Camping, I had one hell of a view from the lodge!

Day 5

Today you have the day free until 1pm, when you will travel to Vikøyri. This will give you plenty of time to explore the small town of Lofthus even more.

Get the 1pm 990 Bus to Voss

Get the 15:50 970 Bus to Vikøyri

Spend the night here or stay a little further up the road at Djuvik Campsite (the 970 bus stops here). It's a lovely walk back into town, especially around sunset.

Day 6

Today you will travel to Solvorn with a stopover at Balestrand for lunch

Get the 08:25 970 bus to Vangsnes Ferry Port

Get the 08:45 Ferry to Hella ferjekai

Get the 09:40 23-516 Bus to Balestrand 

Hire a bike from the town and cycle back around the road the bus drove through to the other side of the fjord. You'll get some amazing views. Cycle back to Balestrand for some lunch on the harbour.

Get the 13:10 23-516 bus to Sogndal Skysstasjon and then the 15:30 14-153 bus to Solvorn.

Drop your bags off at your accommodation and then go visit the famous Urnes Stave Church by getting the 14-147 Ferry across to the other side

Day 7

Today you will travel to Mundal

Get the 13:59 14-153 bus to Sogndal Skysstasjon

Get the 14:45 14-162 bus to Mundal

I stayed at Bøyum Camping which is just down the road

Spend the afternoon looking around the local abandoned farms in the hills above Mundal.

Day 8

Today you will travel to Olden

Get the 12:45 23-522 Bus to Skei

Get the 13:20 NW431 Bus from Skei to Olden

You can either stay in Olden or at a compsite down the road called Gryta Campsite

I recommend staying here as you can book the next days activity with them, a Glacier Tour. Book this tour in advanced so you don't miss out. There's many more activities they offer as well

Day 9

Go on the glacier tour in the morning. Spend the rest of the day on the lake, hire a boat and some fishing equipment and see if you can catch dinner.

Day 10

Today you will get to cruise the Geirangerfjord

Get the 14-752 Bus to Stryn

Get the 250 or 23-520 Bus to Hellesylt Ferjekai (Ferry Port)

Take the 18 ferry from Hellesylt ferjekai to Geiranger ferjekai and enjoy the views

Stay in Geiranger. If you have time, hike one of the local mountains to get a great view of the fjords. Or leave it for tomorrow.

Day 11

Today you will travel to Ålesund

You can either take the 211 Bus to Eidsdal and then a short ferry to Linge

OR you can take the ferry from Geiranger to Valldel

Then take the 210 bus all the way to Ålesund

Day 12, 13, 14

Spend the rest of your time exploring the city. There are many day trips and hikes around to keep you busy.

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